2015 Wedding Season WILL be GREAT!

Hello WORLD! I have FINALLY finished my website, I hope you all enjoy it. It took me quite awhile and many different platforms and themes to finally find one that I wanted and LOVED. I’m getting GREAT feedback so far. My intention was to tailor this site to brides for ease of use and fun little wedding stats. I have a few minor tweaks to make to it, but overall I’m very satisfied with it! I have also linked to  a few other #wedding vendors I love working with like Kelly Marie Photography who also happens to be my lovely wife.


I have changed a few things in 2014 going into 2015 as well. I used to wear a Tux to weddings, but this year I wanted to kind of re-brand Hey DJ with a new logo (which I actually did in 2013) and a new look. Now I typically wear a nice 3 piece suit with different colored Chuck Taylor Allstars and matching Bow-Tie. So far  I love the look and so does everyone else I have come in contact with.


I have also promised myself that 2014 is the year I work my blog, and here I am! Thank you so much for reading it!


I look forward to a great 2015 (it’s already lining up to be FANTASTIC with all the new bride bookings for our 2 Of Us Package) not only as a DJ in this industry, but also as a husband to a wife who works very hard to get the perfect shots for her brides. I also look forward to working with many new vendors/friends I have made this year  and DJing at more venues across Hampton Roads like Ford’s Colony and Outer Banks Hilton. Don’t worry, I’ll also still be at all the other local venues like The Founders Inn and The Lesner Inn. I also look forward to coming back to The Marina Shores Yacht Club. Sorry if I’m forgetting any venues and vendors. I love working with you all!


I plan on bringing EVERY Bride and Groom the absolute BEST wedding DJ services…with a TWIST of awesome!

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I started to DJ weddings about 15 years ago. After my first two years, I decided to open my own DJ company. So here I am now, Hey DJ with 13 years of business ownership behind my name. I love every day of it! Virginia Beach's Premier Wedding DJ Service with a TWIST of Awesome!

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