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Best DJ Experience

I hate to brag but I have the best career in the world! Many of my clients have said I’m the best DJ they’ve seen at weddings before. =) As a DJ, I can honestly say that I love my job and the clients that I serve. I have personally DJ’d over 1400 weddings, parties and corporate events, creating a unique experience for all of my clients. Throughout my career, I have developed a formula for success as a three step process which I use to make each event the best that it can be!

Most Wedding DJs do minimal homework by meeting their clients right before the big day, then producing a subpar, generic playlist that has been generated to “fit” any wedding. Call me crazy, but I think my couples want a lot more than that.

My process allows me to get to know you. To not only know the music that you like but also to plan your reception or party to be the best event of the year!

My 3 Steps to your Best DJ Experience:

Step #1: Comprehensive Personalization- I am here to help you plan your agenda. Together we can create an amazing timeline of events and a list of guests who will be involved in your special occasion or may need to be introduced during the festivities.

Step #2: Creative Involvement- This is a special way I help you to place your own personal stamp on your event by building ideas and activities uniquely geared for your group. Be fun, and original to make lasting memories!

Step #3: Event Direction- This requires expertise- it’s the science of keeping your party on track and all things running smoothly. Its about keeping your guess entertained and the atmosphere fun. An experienced DJ can pull this all off with panache!

My Gear:

What I offer is an amazing library of over 55,000 songs played on professional, state-of-the-art DJ systems including multiple speakers, wireless mics, and dance floor lights. What music I do not have, I can instantly download it on site. I will also MC the event to ensure everyone has a great time!

My Package Line-Up:

Visit my website for all of my fabulous offers! My main packages include the following:

The Wedding Package: This is my base package which provides:

  • My 3 Step Process to guarantee you the reception of your dreams!
  • All music and all professional gear plus lighting, mics and sound equipment.
  • My MC Services
  • No Time Limit! I will be there for you for as many hours as you need at no extra cost! From the moment the ceremony starts until the last guest leaves the reception with no extra hours or overtime charges!
  • This package is a flat-rate charge of $1600.00

The Corporate Package: This is specifically geared for parties and events and includes:

  • My innovative planning account to help you plan your event as stress-free as possible.
  • All of the music and equipment mentioned above.
  • I will MC your event for the duration of the festivities.
  • This package has a flat rate fee of $1000.00.

Spoil Me Package: This is our Best Seller and includes the following perks:

  • All items in the Wedding Package
  • PLUS my Up-Lighting package
  • PLUS an amazing wedding photography package by Kelly Marie Photography!


Whatever your event, I can give you exactly what you want mingled with quality and experience. Check out my website to learn more about my packages, my up-scaled approach to the art of DJ entertainment and my reviews. You will find that I am the best in what you are looking for in Virginia Beach and beyond!


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Virginia Beach’s Best DJ Experience with a TWIST of Awesome!




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I started to DJ weddings about 15 years ago. After my first two years, I decided to open my own DJ company. So here I am now, Hey DJ with 13 years of business ownership behind my name. I love every day of it! Virginia Beach's Premier Wedding DJ Service with a TWIST of Awesome!

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