Line Dance Controversy

Line Dance? Really? YES!

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A great way to start off the reception, a line dance.

Traditional reception dancing has shifted over the past few years to a new vibe and desire to get guests up out of their seats and having a good time. For years, the Macarena, the Chicken Dance, and that forever fabulous Conga Line have been the group dances of choice to keep the party moving and the energy alive. Though these dances are still going strong as crowd pleasers at most receptions today, now new dances are joining the ranks to inspire fun and to instill group participation. They are becoming a trend at wedding receptions from coast to coast as brides and grooms seek originality with a personal touch. Line dances are a great way to get your guests participating at your reception. It is organized dance inspired by certain music or rhythm.  Line dancing can always be done to other songs besides country music but the comradery it creates is second to none! It’s all about the group. Group dancing inspires group participation which creates a party to remember.

As an example of my point, I DJ’d a reception recently where the Groom didn’t want line dancing. He hated line dancing and he made that very evident. As the evening progressed no one danced. The first hour of the reception was not the party it should have been. Crazy how the lack of any line dance can kill a party, huh? Finally, the Groom caved and allowed me to play a few line dancing songs. And you know what? The dance floor was packed the rest of the night!

The importance of a line dance at the reception is simple. It gets your party out of their seats and onto the floor because MOST of your guests recognize the particular line dance, or they see others dancing in sync to it and want to join in on the fun. Playing a few songs for line dancing during the reception can kick your party into gear and breathe life into a stale reception. Infuse your reception with life by kicking up the energy a few notches. They are also great because dance partners are not needed! All of the dancers on the floor become one entity as they muddle through the dance together and have a great time. Children can also join in and enjoy activities alongside the adults. They love the sense of belonging and participating just as adults do!

A line dance isn’t just made of country dance steps anymore. A lot of receptions include moves such as the Cha-Cha Slide, the Wobble, and the Cupid Shuffle to their line-up to shake things up and keep guests on their toes. If the country dance steps are your preference, the Cotton Eye Joe is the most popular dance to use at receptions and is an easy dance to learn. You can visit a mountains’ worth of YouTube videos to learn this dance plus many others. Learn a few different steps from the instructional videos offered and be one of the few on the floor that knows what they are doing! If you are getting married, a fun activity to do before the reception is for the Bride and Groom to learn a line dance together and be the leaders for this fun activity at the reception. Have the groomsmen lead an organized dance or the bride’s maids. There are a lot of fun and creative ways that you can incorporate these dances into your reception that will create memories for everyone.

Organized dancing is fun on an elemental level and will get guests up when nothing else will. People will stop in mid-sentence when they hear the music of an organized dance and can’t wait to get on the floor to “Wobble” and “Whip, and Nae Nae”. People at a party usually like to participate in group activities and will do some fun and even embarrassing stuff outside their comfort zone in order to make memories and have a great time. An experienced DJ will know when to play these songs to get the crowd dancing. Make sure that when you hire your DJ, you get one that knows how to set the pace of the evening and keep the crowd always wanting more.

If, after getting all of the facts, you still can’t decide, what then? Can line-dancing be skipped and the party still be a success? The answer is absolute, however, guests attending a reception almost always expect to dance. A popular line dance is a great ice-breaker to get everyone in the right frame of mind to enjoy themselves throughout the rest of the evening. Line dances are also strategically placed at different intervals to keep the energy up to where it should be to ensure a successful party.

Let’s face it, yes your reception is all about you but in essence isn’t it a party to invite your friends and family to as they help you celebrate your big day? And if this is a party for your friends and family, don’t you want them to have a good time? There is nothing worse than a lousy party atmosphere that feels stifled and suppressed. That is a sure-fire way to kill any reception before it even starts.

That is the importance of line dancing at your reception. That is the reason why you should include at least a couple of songs even though you are absolutely against line dancing and organized dance in general. If you are still unsure, you can talk about your concerns with your DJ before your Big Day. Your DJ should know your feelings going in and be able to offer you choices for different dances and music that will infuse your reception with life and celebration. Interview your DJ in depth and check out his music selections. Know the ways that he plans to set the pace of the evening and what activities he offers.

As an experienced DJ in the Virginia Beach area, I have a wide selection of great tunes that are awesome for line dance! Let’s talk and plan a wedding reception that you will love and enjoy the memories of for the rest of your life.

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