Wedding Budget Woes

Settling for Mediocrity…

Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

“We often try to explain to our couples that it’s a fight against wants vs. needs vs. budget. You might really love hand-painted stationery, but if it’s not in the wedding budget maybe there’s a compromise somewhere. That’s one facet of why we as planners exist; to show our couples the tips + tricks to make it all work while being realistic about the regional averages and what will really make their wedding come together just as they envisioned.”Cherry Blossom Planning Factory


Countless blog posts float non-stop around the web spouting the importance of being frugal when budgeting your wedding. I agree and disagree with that statement. Quite often frugality translates into inexperienced and mediocre, and no one wants that for their wedding. Just because you find a great deal does not mean that the vendor will deliver the quality that you expect. Often the inexpensive wedding DJ will begin to add on hidden costs and in the end, you will be charged more for your “great deal” than what you would have paid for with a little more expensive, honest and experienced DJ.

The Wedding Budget

When setting a wedding budget for your vendors, look around at your options and set a realistic goal for an experienced and high-quality service. Whether you are setting your wedding budget for a florist, venue, caterer or DJ, your budget should be set in the mid to upper range as far as what is available in your local area and to the services that you will require. It will not only allow you to have the wedding that you have always wanted but will also be fair to the vendors who make their living by entertaining special couples on their special day. As an example of this, I will include here an email that I received recently from a potential client:

“Hi, DJ Bobby! You came highly recommended through (a wedding venue). I wanted to reach out and see if you provided a sound system for an outdoor ceremony as well as your base package? Also, is there any leeway with the $1600 flat rate? I know it’s a great package but I was trying to stay under (a certain amount) in my DJ budget if possible.”

I appreciate her honesty. I also appreciate that she is trying to stay within her wedding budget, as well she would, however, a vendor budget should be better planned. Budgeting for your wedding is important, but I think that it’s also important NOT to limit yourself by setting a limit on any particular vendor. If you limit your price, then you can ultimately eliminate your choices.

Look around your area. Call local vendors and ask how much they charge and what specials they may offer. Check out their websites for all needed information regarding packages and possible hidden charges involved for the services that you desire. Do your homework then set a wedding budget according to the data that you have learned. Set a realistic budget and give yourself some flexibility within your boundaries. Don’t settle for mediocre vendors because you didn’t do your homework first and set a budget to include better services. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. It most certainly applies here in a monumental way.

You want to get the best vendors that you can for your special day. It’s that simple. Budget top notch entertainment for your wedding. Don’t skimp on yourself. Don’t hire cheap because quite often, that is exactly what you get. Budget and create for yourself the wedding of a lifetime. You can’t force your wedding into the same budget structure that you use to pay your bills every month. To get the best and get what you deserve, treat yourself to a larger vendor budget to guarantee your wedding gets the best of what is possibly offered in your community and beyond!

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