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Your Wedding Day, Your Guests, and Their Cell Phones

More and more, I am being asked to make an announcement at the beginning of the wedding day to “please silence all cell phones,” or “the couple has asked to please not take any photos with your cell phones.” Many times these requests are being completely ignored…


wedding ceremony, wedding day, cell phones

Wedding Day and most guests in this photo have a cell in their hands ready to strike!


Have cell phones become unwelcome distractions on a couple’s wedding day? Dare the subject be approached? We are all attached to our cell phones. The devices have become our connection to the world around us be it for work or play. They allow us to stay in touch with loved ones on social media and up to date on breaking news stories. They carry our personal information, daily schedules, and contacts. They have become our office, our entertainment, and oh yes- our telephones. Without them, we feel somewhat unclothed, yet with them, we feel that we can tackle the world. There are many crucial benefits to the cell phone. But are they truly needed on your  wedding day at the ceremony or reception? Are there rules of etiquette that handles this sort of thing?

Across the web, more and more articles are being published on the annoyance of cell phones at weddings. It seems that Wedding DJ’s are voicing their concerns from coast to coast in all manner of blog posts ranging from the unprofessional rant to the more informative impartial commentary. Because of this growing phenomenon, I feel it necessary to mention the issue of cell phones on your wedding day in my blog, as well. The fact of the matter is, that cell phones can wreak havoc to the most elegant of weddings and the liveliest of receptions. Most of the time the cell phone user doesn’t even know that it is happening and often times they don’t know what is happening around them.

During the Ceremony:

To put it quite plainly, a ringing cell phone can be an absolute embarrassment for the couple on their wedding day. Professional DJ’s have seen it all from loud chatty conversations going on while the couple is saying their “I do’s” to wedding guests unknowingly getting in the way while professional photographers are trying to capture the couple’s magical moments. Instead, just sit back and enjoy. Put the cell phone away where it belongs and be present in the moment. No matter how many selfies that are clicked or fuzzy pictures taken of the couple on their wedding day, you will still not experience the ceremony as poignantly as watching the events unfold first hand and making memories that will last a lifetime.

wedding ceremony, wedding day, cell phones

Eh-Hum supposed to be an unplugged ceremony…

During the Reception:

As a Wedding DJ in Virginia Beach, I strive to make the reception an excellent time that will be cherished by all attending. The reception following the ceremony is a time to celebrate! A time to unplug and engage that is what it is all about. Get up and dance before the moment slips away forever. You wouldn’t believe how many guests come up to me, make a request (which I’ll play) then sit down with their cells in front of their face the entire time THEIR request is playing. Experience the celebration of love out from behind the small screen of your cell phone. Nothing kills the celebratory vibe faster than a reception full of guests sitting at their tables behind their cell phones. Memories last a lot longer than a picture that you are sending to social media. The couple wants their wedding guests to fully engage themselves in the party. This is their main event and the best party they’ll probably ever throw, and they want their guests participating and having fun.

wedding day, wedding reception, cell phone

Too often this happens!



So, that being said, how do you politely tell guests not to use their cell phones on your wedding day? No one wants to be rude. That is never the intention. We are a cell phone society and everyone wants to snap photos of favorite events. So what do you do? Below are a few suggestions that have had success in other wedding events:

  • You could include an enclosed note in the invitation. This helps to warn the guests ahead of time that the ceremony and reception will be cell phone free.
  • A Groomsmen can remind guests as they are being seated before the ceremony. Maybe suggest that there will be a designated time after the ceremony has ended for guests to snap pictures of the couple.
  • The best man, or DJ, can make an announcement at the reception. Maybe have a Selfie-time added into the night’s entertainment? A time to whip out those cells and snap a few pics before heading to the dance floor for more magic.

There are plenty of ways to nicely suggest that guests put their cell phones away and enjoy your wedding day, celebrating the life and love of the couple.  Think outside the box to incorporate this announcement into your event in a fun way that will stay in the minds of your guests; helping you to create an event to be proud of, free of unwanted distractions with happy guests who will cherish this moment with you forever after…

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