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Virginia Beach’s PREMIER Wedding DJ Service with a TWIST of Awesome!

Knowing exactly

who is going to be your Wedding DJ your wedding is very important. You need to build a relationship with the Wedding DJ who is going to entertain your crowd and make sure they are the right fit for you and your guests. This is exactly what I do, build a relationship with each of my Brides and Grooms to ensure they have an exceptional wedding day by communicating with the Bride and Groom from the moment they hire Hey DJ to the end of your wedding reception. I start with helping you Comprehensive Personalization your wedding day, I get Creatively Involved with your time line of events and your planning form and I work with your coordinator or planner on the Event Direction to ensure all wedding vendors are on the same page and your wedding flows smoothly so you and your guests have a blast! I love having fun at your wedding with you and your guests. That is the goal, a Fun and Exciting wedding day! After all, you are throwing the biggest party of your life!


Wedding DJ

So often I hear how a Wedding DJ can make or break your wedding. But what doe s that really mean? So many DJ’s can show up and play music, sure that is easy! Do they take the time to get to know you? Do they take the time to get to know your music preferences? Your guests? How are they at reading a crowd? When the dance floor dies down, and it always does at some point in the night, how can that Wedding DJ get your guests back out there again? It’s my belief that it’s not really the music your Wedding DJ plays at your wedding, it’s the things that happen between the music.

There are special events that happen within the wedding reception that really give a Wedding DJ the chance to shine and show their professionalism and talents. All the important dances, i.e. First Dance, Father Daughter (Bride) etc… are just a couple examples. Making the right announcements and making sure people and things are in place before making those announcements are key to a Wedding DJ’s success. So again, make sure you choose the right Wedding DJ for your wedding based on Best Value for your Buck! =)

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I started to DJ weddings about 15 years ago. After my first two years, I decided to open my own DJ company. So here I am now, Hey DJ with 13 years of business ownership behind my name. I love every day of it! Virginia Beach's Premier Wedding DJ Service with a TWIST of Awesome!

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