Wedding Reception Music that’s AWESOME!

Making sure you have the right wedding reception music for your wedding is key to a great time!

“What is a great song to get people start dance at a wedding after you do the special dances?” This question was posted by another wedding DJ in a forum I follow closely. Other DJs answers varied from older songs like Shout by Isley Brothers to Line dances like the Wobble. The conversation for wedding reception music went further as DJ disagreed on the lyrics of the music. Some suggested that lyrics can ruin wedding receptions altogether. I believe it’s the DJ that can ruin the wedding reception altogether. You must build a relationship with each bride and groom you DJ for. Take the time to ask them questions about their guests and their type of music likes. Some love a lot of line dances while others think they are cheesy. Some do not like wedding reception music that contains questionable lyrics (not necessarily profane language or curse words). Are the bride and groom inviting a lot of older guests like Parents and Grandparents? If so, you may want to walk around the reception during dinner and take requests from those and other guests. They REALLY appreciate this kind of thing.

Go through your own music list and make sure you have all edited or Radio version music. Wedding reception music should never contain curse words or bad lyrics. In these days it is impossible to play newer music without questionable lyrics. It seems every song put out today talks about hard-core partying or women in derogatory ways, but I let the bride and groom choose what songs to be played. I take guest requests and make sure they’re all edited. I never have these issues because I prepare all my music for each wedding and event I DJ.

Wedding Reception Music

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I provide music lists for EVERY part of your wedding including your wedding reception music. I help all my brides and grooms by meeting with them several times over the course of our time together from the moment they book my services to the end of the wedding reception. I hope you all enjoy my blog on this subject. Thank you so much for reading Wedding Reception Music and please follow me blog! =)



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