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For those of you who know me personally, you know I love owning and running my own Wedding DJ business and working with my wife as we make a great wedding team. I have done so successfully for the last 12 years and loved every minute of it. I take great pride in the service I give to my brides and grooms. It’s nice to be able to meet each bride and groom for their wedding and build a relationship with them from the moment they book my wedding DJ services to the end of the reception and sometimes build a lasting friendship.

I have been presented with an opportunity to work for another wedding team, another DJ company on a part time basis. I would still be able to DJ and book brides Sunday thru Friday as Hey DJ with my wife and our wedding team, but the other company wants me to DJ for them every Saturday of every week. I would be able to finish out my existing contracts, but all the rest of the Saturdays would belong to them. In the big scope it’s not such a bad deal, aside from the fact that most weddings take place on Saturdays. I’m giving SERIOUS consideration to this opportunity as the DJ company offering the deal has a pretty good reputation not only in the community with the great team of DJs they currently have, but also with local wedding venues and their staff.


Wedding Team Husband and Wife

My wife (the lovely Kelly Marie Photography) and I have a fantastic wedding team package that we have put together to offer brides and grooms the best of both Professional Wedding DJ and Professional Wedding Photography services at an awesome price! But I’m not here to promote that, I’m here to kind of lay out my thoughts on the offer at hand.

Taking this offer would seriously cut down the amount of dates I could work with my wife for our wedding team package, at least on Saturdays, but guarantee DJ security in the “off-season”. I do stay very busy with Hey DJ, but really only in the prime wedding months. Mid Dec-end Mar are usually a wedding here or there, an occasional holiday or corporate event, but for the most part, not too busy for me. April thru Nov are very busy months. Now I know some of you may be thinking I should be like a squirrel and save my nuts for the winter months, and I do, but why not work in the winter months as well?

To the point, I’m at a crossroad not only in my business but also in my life as this decision effects both. It has been two weeks of going back and forth, discussing it over and over with my close circle of friends, my wife (who is behind me all the way no matter what I decide) and at the end of the day, I think I’m going to go for it. Nothing is permanent right? Maybe I’ll go over there and love it, but maybe I’ll hate it? The one thing I do know is I won’t know either way unless I try it out.

So I’ll ask you all to raise your cups (whatever you have in front of you) and toast to the future of Hey DJ and that other DJ company =) CHEERS!


Update: I have decided to continue running Hey DJ and have turned down the other DJ company offer. I love this business I have built too much and I felt the other company would have eventually taken it over. The Wedding Team package my wife and I have is too awesome. So many other vendors comment us on our wedding team package. I’ts nice to be able to work with my spouse.

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I started to DJ weddings about 15 years ago. After my first two years, I decided to open my own DJ company. So here I am now, Hey DJ with 13 years of business ownership behind my name. I love every day of it! Virginia Beach's Premier Wedding DJ Service with a TWIST of Awesome!

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